Stay calm and beshen khere. Internet i transnarodowa intensyfikacja życia polskich Romów w czasie pandemii COVID-19

The article takes up the topic of online (family and social) practices of Polish Roma, so far absent in Polish Romological research. The main context is provided by the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the accompanying state of lockdown and need for social distance between mid-March and the end of April 2020. The research was conducted online among Polish Roma in Poland and abroad. The Internet is a source of information for us, as well as an opportunity to contact the participants of the study. Thus, we indicate the specificity of the “Roma Internet” both before and during the pandemic. In this area we pay attention to the phenomenon of “fitting in” of the Internet into the Roma culture and the associated customary law. On this ground, we introduce the concept of e-romanipen meaning the transfer of Roma culture and into the online space. We interpret the Internet activity during the pandemic as a manifestation of collective causality and creativity in actions for group cohesion in an emergency situation.


Year: 2020

Type:  Article

First posted: “Lud” 104 (2020) – Polskie Towarzystwo Ludoznawcze i Komitet Nauk Etnologicznych PAN | pages: 235-257 Centre of Migration Research

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