Roma Migrations – Transnationalism and Identity in Anthropological Perspective

Until recently, the migration of Polish Roma has not been a subject of an academic inquiry. This article aim is to shed light on some issues related to transnational living and identity of Polish Roma in anthropological perspective1. The findings of our research suggest that Roma migrations from Poland are not categorically different from non-Roma population and in fact, are integral and socially connected part of the history of migrations from Poland on a local and national level, determined by same processes of structural forces rendering people to seek opportunities abroad. Our study has demonstrated how crucial and important is for Polish Roma their connection to Poland – on the social, personal, cultural and economic level. This calls for a more careful and nuanced approach in future research to Polish Roma identity seen in relational terms. Finally, our article calls for a need to more ethically informed research with the Roma whose Polish identity needs to be recognized in its own right, in particular in migratory context. This means also a few policy recommendations that we offer at the end of the article.


Year: 2020

Type:  Article

First posted: Ethnologia Polona 40 (2019) DOI: 10.23858/EthP40.2019.013Centre of Migration Research

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