Who we are


Alba Hernández Sanchez

Alba Hernández Sanchez is a gender equality expert, Gitana feminista from Spain. She holds two master’s degrees in gender studies, focusing on gender & law and public policy. Her main research areas are on Roma feminist knowledge production, intersectionality and gender-based violence among others. Since 2016 Alba has been working  with Roma and non-Roma institutions and NGOs. She is also the Co- founder of the Feminist Collective of Romani Gender Experts (https://www.romanifeministcollective.com/)

Aldessa Georgiana Lincan

Aldessa Georgiana Lincan is a gender equality expert, Roma feminist activist from Romania, with more than 10 years of experience in advocacy, public policy and grassroots community organizing with Roma women and youth groups. She holds a Master’s degree in Gender and Minority Studies with a focus on local grassroots Romani women’s feminism. Through her work and activism she contributes to creating spaces such as the Romani Feminist Library for other Romani women and girls.