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This discussion aims to increase visibility and recognition for Romnja knowledge, emphasising diverse perspectives of Romnja across Europe to shape collective consciousness on decolonisation narratives. The panel discussion ‘Decolonising Narratives- Romnja Feminist Voices’ was organised by Romnja Feminist Library under the Romnja Power Month event in collaboration with our sisters from RomaniPhen Berlin. We were honoured to have this conversation with inspiring Romani women as our speakers: Svetlana Kostic, Enisa Eminovska, Vera Kurtic, Judit Ignacz, Terezia Rostas and our moderator Aldessa Georgiana Lincan.

Title: Panel discussion: Decolonising narratives-Romnja Feminist Voices by Romnja Feminist Library
Source: Romnja Feminist Library
Moderator: Aldessa Georgiana Lincan
Type: video
Date: March 27, 2024
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