Envisioning Roma Feminism

“Envisioning Roma Feminism” by Carmen Gheorghe offers a compelling and visionary exploration of the Roma feminist movement. Through insightful analysis and firsthand narratives, Gheorghe paints a vivid picture of Romani women’s agency, resilience, and contributions to shaping a more inclusive and equitable society. The book delves into the complexities of identity, activism, and empowerment, highlighting the transformative potential of Romani feminism. With a keen focus on envisioning a future that celebrates diversity and challenges systemic barriers, this work stands as an inspiring call to action for individuals and communities committed to social change and gender justice.

Author(s):Carmen Gheorghe

YEAR: 2016

Type: Article

Initially published by: 

Analize, Journal of Gender and Feminist Studies. Issue no.7 (21)/2016

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