Anti-paćiw v gádžovské akademii, Ficowského stíny – a co s nimi? Cvičení v reciproční etnografii a dekolonizaci polské Romistiky

This article, authored by a group of Romani and non-Romani academics, examines the assumptions behind researching Romani communities in Poland. Current Romani studies in Poland are often limited by a colonial essentialist paradigm, perpetuating stereotypes and excluding Romani history from the broader Polish narrative. We argue that as knowledge production is still dominated by non-Romani scholars, this leads to a distorted and empirically misguided portrayals of the life of the Roma in Poland. To address this issue, we advocate for a participatory research approach involving Romani researchers, acknowledging the diverse voices within both Romani and non-Romani communities. This long-term process presents unique ethical and methodological challenges, but open discussion and challenging hierarchical nature of academic discourses is crucial for progress and creation of more inclusive, decolonized knowledge.

Author(s): Fiałkowska, Kamila & Garapich, Michał P. & Jóźwiak, Ignacy &
Mirga-Wójtowicz, Elżbieta & Styrkacz, Sonia & Szewczyk, Monika

YEAR: 2023

Type: Article

Initially published by: 

Romano džaniben – Journal of Romani Studies  

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