Founded in 2023 by Alba Hernández Sánchez and Aldessa Georgiana Lincan, the Romnja Feminist Library is a platform for knowledge production that centers the past, present, and future of Roma Feminism worldwide. Our mission extends beyond being a mere repository of information, we aim to create spaces for Romani women and girls and to give visibility to the multitude of Romani women writers, researchers, activists, students and girls who face challenges in publishing their work within an industry predominantly dominated by white men. This disscusion with Aldessa Georgiana Lincan and Alba Hernández Sánchez, the co-founders of the Romnja Feminist Library, is hosted by Laura Sandu. The books Alba and Aldessa talk about in the video are: ”Katizi”, by Katarina Taikon (ro) ”Alma”, by Sandra Carmona… (es) ”El pueblo gitano contra el sistema – mundo. Reflexiones desde una militancia feminista y anticapitalista”, by Pastora Filigrana… (es)

Title: A discussion about the Romnja Feminist Library, with Alba Hernandez Sanchez and Aldessa Lincan
Source: LitFem
Interviwer: Laura Sandu
Type: video
Date: November 2023
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