Wizerunek kobiety romskiej w twórczości literackiej Karola Parno Gierlińskiego (The image of a Romani woman in the literary works of Karol Parno Gierliński)

The article is inspired by the study of Roma literature discourse within the framework of my PhD thesis. The subject matter is the analysis of literary works of Karol Parno Gierliński. The adopted research perspective involves the analysis and interpretation of text in the cultural context; it primarily focuses on interpretation of female images presented in poetical works of Gierliński. The main goal of this article is to present literary images of Roma women in woks of Karol Gieliński in reference to the traditional image of Roman females which functions/exists in the Roma community.


Justyna Matkowska

 YEAR: 2018

Type:  Article

Initially published by: 

Studia Romologica, vol. 10: 149-164. (2017) ISSN 1689-4758

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