“TRANSGRESSING BORDERS: Challenging Racist and Sexist Epistemology”


The presence of Romani women in knowledge production evokes the question that was formulated by Alexander G. Weheliye in his public lecture, “Black Life”: “What does it mean to have to create oneself from scratch in environments where one is not supposed to exist?” What does it mean to be a Romani woman in academia, where we are not supposed to exist as scholars? Undoubtedly, we have to create ourselves from scratch in environments that usually construe Roma/Romani women as subjects of research and never imagine them as scholars who inhabit a space where knowledge is produced or published in academic journals, and certainly not as theorizers of the forces that condition Romani lives.


Angéla Kóczé

YEAR: 2011

Type: Article

Initially published by:

In book: Roma Activism (pp.111-128)


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