The Anti-Roma Europe: Modern ways of disciplining the Roma body in urban spaces A Europa Anti-Roma: Formas modernas de disciplina do corpo Roma nos espaços urbanos

Abstract: This article examines the challenges of conceptualizing the experiences of Roma people in an Anti-Roma Europe within a domain of what has been defined as human rights, internal security and “integration” policies. This paper focuses on the politics of structural and everyday Anti-Roma racism and its traumatic effects on the Roma people in Europe. I engage with Philomena Essed’s definition of the concept of everyday racism as practices, activities and attitudes accepted in a given system. The notion of structural racism refers to racialized governmentalities and ideologies/epistemologies that reproduce power relations that are grounded on white privilege/supremacy.
Accordingly, racism reproduce dehumanization for the maintenance of whiteness as state sovereignty.


Sebijan Fejzula

 YEAR: 2022

Type:  Article

Initially published by: 

Sistema de Información Científica Redalyc

Red de revistas científicas de Acceso Abierto diamante.

Infraestructura global no comercial propiedad de la academia

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