Pro-Roma global civil society: acting for, with or instead of Roma?


Over the past two decades, in the wake of post-communist transition, the emergence of Romani activism has been an important development accompanying political changes in Central and Eastern Europe. Alongside the emergence of Romani associations, international NGOs have been increasingly involved in the struggle against the discrimination of Roma. A special microcosm has developed within global civil society that is specialised in the so-called ‘Roma issue’, comprising non-governmental and inter-governmental organisations, expert bodies, foundations, activists and politicians.


Angéla Kóczé & Márton Rövid

YEAR: 2012

Type: Article

Initially published by:

Kaldor, Mary; Moore, Henrietta L., Apr 18, 2012, Global Civil Society 2012 : Ten Years of Critical Reflection
Palgrave Macmillan, Gordonsville, ISBN: 9780230369436

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