Missing Intersectionality Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in Current Research and Policies on Romani Women in Europe


This paper presents the situation of Romani women, discusses and analyzes relevant research and policy efforts in recent years, and offers recommendations for more responsive, effective policymaking. Unpacking the complexity of multiple, intersecting forms of discrimination, the paper integrates the author’s personal experiences as an activist for Roma rights, a scholar, a feminist, and a Romani woman with a range of theoretical literature and policy-oriented studies on development, discrimination, gender, vulnerable populations, and the Roma as a specific social group. Particular attention is given to research and policies from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) that claim to have included an awareness of the specific situation of Romani women both in the analysis of policy problems and in the design of solutions to these problems. Efforts of major international actors that deal with issues of social inclusion.


Angéla Kóczé 

YEAR: 2009

Type: PhD dissertation

Initially published by:

Source Center for Policy Studies Working Papers
CEU Center for Policy Studies

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