Interplay between gender and ethnicity: Exposing Structural Disparities of Romani women


This research paper attempts to address the issue of intersectional status of Romani women in four areas prioritized by the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015), namely education, employment, health and housing. In order to explore the primary intertwining features of gender and ethnicity the status of Romani women is compared both with non-Romani women and Romani men. The primary goal of this paper is to encourage policy makers to recognize the structural inequalities of gender and its interplay with ethnic dimensions. Related is the need to address gender inequality amongst Roma in an adequate and sustainable manner as well as to provide insight about the importance of addressing gender equality issues as a crucial aspect of Roma inclusion.


Angéla Kóczé & Ewa Cukrowska

YEAR: 2013

Type: Article

Initially published by:

Analysis of the UNDP/World Bank/EC regional Roma Survey data . UNDP Bratislava, 2013. 

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