In a world where researchers, activists, and institutions struggle to find coherent and critical knowledge about Roma women, we felt the need to create a Roma feminist online library in response to the stigmatization and political abuse of the image of the Roma women. Our goal is to gather the production of Roma feminist knowledge written by Roma women, addressing the gaps and challenges that exist in accessing such resources. By providing a platform for the search and dissemination of Roma feminist knowledge, we aim to give visibility to the multitude of Romani women writers, researchers, and activists who face difficulties in publishing their work in an industry dominated by white men.
 In Europe, where the political landscape is witnessing a rise in the power and visibility of the political liberal right and fascism, it becomes imperative to combat xenophobia, sexism, racism, and their intersections. For us, one form of resistance is through knowledge and its production. By creating an online Roma feminist library, we aim to delegitimize hate speeches through scientific facts and provide a resource that challenges internalized biases and stereotypes about the Roma community, particularly Romani women.
Technology plays a crucial role in shaping this future. Online knowledge creation and technology offer powerful tools to combat acts of hate and violence. Through our living and interactive website, we strive to create an attractive platform that offers critical and reflective content. 
Furthermore, we understand that archiving is a political practice. We are committed to decolonizing and deconstructing the knowledge and hierarchies produced by the dominant white system, which perpetuates structural and systemic discrimination and violence. Our library serves as a form of resistance, enabling futures and ensuring empowerment for Roma women. We believe in perpetuating the legacy of brave Roma women who have challenged the prevailing narratives that portray them solely as victims, rather than as subjects of their own existence. 
In conclusion, our online feminist library is a response to the imperative need for accessible and comprehensive resources that reflect Roma feminist knowledge. We strive to disrupt hegemonic remembrance cultures and disturb the status quo by collecting and preserving knowledge from a feminist, anti-racist, anticolonial, and anti-patriarchal perspective.