“Femeia Romă între două lumi” (Roma Woman between two worlds)

Abstract: This article explores the understanding of the way in which Roma women and the Roma issue are placed in the context of feminist political theories, in the case of Romania. after over 14 years of political and
social mobilization. It also underlines the need for clarification of the role and position of the Roma women in the political construction of Roma identity, as well as an analysis of the power relations that impose upon women to wear the identity markers of the group. The research that forms the basis of this article also starts from the observation that, up to now, the impact exerted by female Roma activists and feminists on the policies for Roma and their gender component has not been evaluated. leaving their actions anonymous.


Nicoleta Bitu & Enikő Vincze

 YEAR: 2012

Type:  Article

Initially published by: 
Polices for Roma women, Perspective Politice

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