our Story

The Romnja Feminist Library came to light after multiple discussions with Romani feminists around Europe in different spaces and contexts about the lack of recognition of Roma women and girls as knowledge producers.

our Vision

Our vision is to build and contribute to a space that honors the past, celebrates the present, and shapes the future of Roma feminism. We endeavor to redefine narratives, uphold visibility, and challenge systemic injustices for Romani women and girls around the world.

our Mission

Our mission extends beyond being a mere repository of information, we aim to create spaces for Romani women and girls and to give visibility to the multitude of Romani women writers, researchers, activists, students and girls who face challenges in publishing their work within an industry predominantly dominated by white men.

our Values

Our values are rooted in a feminist, anti-racist, anticolonial, and anti-patriarchal perspective, perpetuating the legacy of courageous Romani women who defy prevailing narratives. 

As we celebrate the resilience, achievements, and heritage of Romani women, we stand in solidarity and collaboration. Our collective efforts forge a path towards a more equitable society, honoring the diversity of Romani experiences and advancing the cause of Roma Feminism.